deez Grapes are on Zune!

Posted on September 25th , 2010 at 1:07 pm by


Tell yo kids, tell yo wife, and tell yo husband cuz we Grapin’ errbody out here!

After a plethora of requests, and a number of pathetic attempts to do it ourselves, the digital powerhouse that is Zack the Web Jesus has stepped in and worked his water-to-wine-esque magic for the benefit of all mankind.

Get your Zune-toting asses to our page on the Marketplace, and listen with reckless abandon. Please subscribe, and if you could write us a review while you’re there, we’ll totally make out with you. (You could be featured as a “Review of the Day” on Twitter, too! Puppies and rainbows!)

Thanks, Listener. You asked for it, and hence we hath given unto thee thusly. Now go forth and Zune.