the Grapes of Rad #101

Posted on December 8th , 2010 at 8:51 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #101

Topics include: Aaron’s 30th birthday party, Ben watched some movies, a baby panda, stages of Mike Judge, Video Prozac, a drunken voicemail from Florida that sounds exactly like you would expect a drunken voicemail from Florida to sound, It’s Science, Ben forgot to turn his phone off and his dad calls, the TSA, suicide, Google Beatbox, Just the Whole Story, Arsenic-based life?, Rick Steves, the greater good, Badasses, and TMU.

Also, we’re going to be guests on Sean DeTore’s Mixtape early next week! We’ll let you know when it’s up, or you can “favorite” his show on Stitcher, and you’ll find out when we do.

A Holiday Classic: Slayer Christmas Lights!

Nobody Gets Drunk Quite Like the Russians

Finally, I (Aaron) kinda want to get online sometimes and just talk about stuff. Is that even remotely interesting, or am I that narcissistic? Like behind the scenes show stuff, or like