Interview: Glistener Philip

Posted on May 24th , 2012 at 8:45 pm by


Interview: Glistener Philip

We’re going to try something a little different, Listener: posting interviews as their own, separate deals. This way we aren’t constrained by time, and you’ll always get your undiluted weekly dose of Vitamin Deez!

Today, Aaron and special guest Sean DeTore call Glistener (Gay + Listener = Glistener) Philip at home in San Francisco (naked in bed, as it were…) to talk about all kinds of queer stuff like: The Westboro Baptist Church, the hanky code, Small Town Gay Bar, Philip’s pamphlet-fight with Fox News, tossing salads, fingers up the butt, The International Home Theater Festival, and Philip thinks Seattle is bisexual.

No Fags on the Moon

Philip and the Westboro Church testify about the Lunar Homosexual Agenda.

Philip & Friends sing The Grapes of Rad

Philip serenades public restrooms with our old voicemail song!

Roe v. Wade v. Philip

Philip testifies at a pro-life rally.

And, if you’re a reader, check out Philip’s latest book “A Pornography of Grief” on Amazon.