The Grapes of Rad #183

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The Grapes of Rad #183

Get your tickets now for “The Grapes of Rad: F#%K IT! We’ll Do It Live! (in 3D)” and be a part of our live show on July 18th!!

Topics include: being “ruined for the ordinary,” not eating, Ben loves going to the movies with mentally challenged people,, pronouncing the word “ask,” [movie trailers], a Secret Movie Night follow-up story, Rap Genius: the hip-hop wikipedia, female porn habits, This Week in Yeahhh Riiight…, Tourette’s, Ben’s wife finally joined Facebook, It’s Science, murdering sex offenders, That’s Messed Up, thrift stores, y mucho mas!

Ice Cream Truck Fight

The “Banned” TED Talk about Job Creators

Recorded Monday, June 11. Closing music: “Wheels” by CAKE