The Grapes of Rad #184

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The Grapes of Rad #184

Get your tickets now for “The Grapes of Rad: F#%K IT! We’ll Do It Live! (in 3D)” and be a part of our live show on July 18th!!

Topics include: We want to get a lot of that inside of us, Steven Hawking and the science festival, the ladies like it too!, Mason got DRUNK, the zero gravity death match of the century, this week in “Wait For It”, a Listener imported cover of the former voicemail song, lapel mic batteries, “the saddleback“, Florida is a Christian teenager/”it was only oral”, diminishing returns, profiling fat dudes for Brian Posehn, naked bicyclists, Zoe Voss vs. Habitat for Humanity, he’s a MEGAPASTOR, this week in “I Fucking Hate Airport Security”, Just the Headline, the new bath salts, and That’s Messed Up.


Best Whistler Ever (original)

Best Singer Ever, Whistler Re-Dub

Recorded June 22, 2012
Outro “Back to the Hotel” by N 2 Deep