274: Hard Out

Posted on June 30th , 2015 at 1:13 am by


274: Hard Out

Topics include: our guest Sean DeTore, when jobs are over, show business, Nick went to the doctor for the first time as an adult, CRYSTAL PEPSI IS COMING BACK, the genius of Nate Fernald, Get in the Box Pat, our cable-less life, and more!

Our new summer schedule is as follows —

One weekend: Grapes
The next weekend: The Leap Home Colon A Look Bakula
The weekend after that : Grapes

That’s it. You got it. We love you . Thank you for listening.

Next week, Nick’s brother PJ is our guest. We pretty much only talk about him dying of cancer. It’s not as sad as it sounds. Most of the time.

Closing music: Don’t Week Believin’ by Nate Fernald