294: The Handiest of Mans

Posted on October 14th , 2016 at 3:33 pm by


294: The Handiest of Mans

Topics include: Aaron’s back from Burning Man :), but it’s Nick & Aaron’s last show as roommates :(, Nick almost set his break room on fire, bands we love (and also Rockapella), a Florida drive-thru, listen to TANIS, Hillary in HONY, a Listener created a group on Facebook where you can actually talk to each other and it’s called… wait for it… “Listener”, we play #bandbands, killer birds in Earth’s Florida, and more!

And coming up on 295 – Ben Parsons is back!

In The Whale’s new video for “American Eyes”

If you are foolish enough to go to Australia, this information could save your life.