312: Daft Punk is Playing the Trash Fence

Posted on October 7th , 2017 at 3:54 pm by


312: Daft Punk is Playing the Trash Fence

As the poet Aaron Lewis once sang, “It’s been a while…”

Well we’re back, baby!

Topics include: Aaron is back from his 3rd Burning Man and he & his girlfriend Ariel aka “Skip” (a first-timer) share their experience at Black Rock City, Genevieve co-hosted a major drive-time radio show, Aaron discovered his estranged father made a movie about an estranged father, and more!


Stay tuned to facebook.com/grapesofrad for 2 bonus Grapes episodes coming in the next few days. We recorded two episodes before our break that never made it to air, so for you completists, we’ll be posting both eps as one piece of bonus audio, but it won’t be in your podcast feed. Available only on Facebook.