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311: Funky Children with Some Words on Our Tongues

July 31, 2017


Topics include: Bagels vs donuts, Vieves is going camping, late-onset hangovers, Chick-fil-Anthropy, Florida Man is at it again… literally… he’s stealing forklifts again, we blow off some Trump steam, and more! Have a blessed day! Download (95.5MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


July 12, 2017


Topics include: Hats vs Headbands, more on “Contract to Kill,” Aaron & Nick took their first trip to a Sizzler, our celebrity dopplegangers, commercials are still too darn loud, separating art from the artist, and more! Download (101.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

309: It’s a-me! Orlando!

June 28, 2017


Topics include: A TV Theme Song game, Genevieve shares a personal story about her disabled friend’s dating life, weird foreign American pop-culture trading cards, Eating Segel: The Trilogy, big game gets revenge, real world Mario Kart is coming, a Nick movie review, and more! Download (94.3MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

308: Check the Oven Mitts

June 14, 2017


Topics include: Nick got busted!, our friend Sean DeTore crashes recording for a few minutes to talk about the new parody song he & Aaron wrote, Steven Segal is a ridiculous man, sex with a ghost, lots of space talk, and much more! Download (89.5MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

307: Dine and Dash

June 9, 2017


Topics include: Nick brought what he thinks might be the best article he’s ever brought to the show, Aaron was a feature reporter on afternoon drive time, Double Dare revisited, Good Idea/Bad Idea: President The Rock, a dating app designed to slow everything down, and more! Download (91.2MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

306: The Last Cuban from Julia’s

May 22, 2017


Topics include: A brief cameo appearance and audio-thrill-ride-disguised-as-a-sandwich-story by our friend Andrew Walsh, Genevieve talks about the time Bill O’Reilly said her name on-air, Just the Headline, it’s been a few weeks but we look back at the Fyre Festival, Steve Harvey, we get a ridiculous update on a terrible person, and more! Download […]

305: Talkin’ ‘Tainment

May 10, 2017


Topics include: Will Nick’s game work?, lots of TV talk including The Leftovers, Silicon Valley, and MST3K. But what about podcasts? Don’t worry! Genevieve doesn’t like Missing Richard Simmons, but we all love S-Town. Also, Vieve’s finally reads her much-demanded Naked Chicken Chalupa review, Nick’s on a soup kick, and much more! We hear you, […]