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312: Daft Punk is Playing the Trash Fence

October 7, 2017


As the poet Aaron Lewis once sang, “It’s been a while…” Well we’re back, baby! Topics include: Aaron is back from his 3rd Burning Man and he & his girlfriend Ariel aka “Skip” (a first-timer) share their experience at Black Rock City, Genevieve co-hosted a major drive-time radio show, Aaron discovered his estranged father made […]

311: Funky Children with Some Words on Our Tongues

July 31, 2017


Topics include: Bagels vs donuts, Vieves is going camping, late-onset hangovers, Chick-fil-Anthropy, Florida Man is at it again… literally… he’s stealing forklifts again, we blow off some Trump steam, and more! Have a blessed day! Download (95.5MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


July 12, 2017


Topics include: Hats vs Headbands, more on “Contract to Kill,” Aaron & Nick took their first trip to a Sizzler, our celebrity dopplegangers, commercials are still too darn loud, separating art from the artist, and more! Download (101.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

309: It’s a-me! Orlando!

June 28, 2017


Topics include: A TV Theme Song game, Genevieve shares a personal story about her disabled friend’s dating life, weird foreign American pop-culture trading cards, Eating Segel: The Trilogy, big game gets revenge, real world Mario Kart is coming, a Nick movie review, and more! Download (94.3MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

308: Check the Oven Mitts

June 14, 2017


Topics include: Nick got busted!, our friend Sean DeTore crashes recording for a few minutes to talk about the new parody song he & Aaron wrote, Steven Segal is a ridiculous man, sex with a ghost, lots of space talk, and much more! Download (89.5MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

307: Dine and Dash

June 9, 2017


Topics include: Nick brought what he thinks might be the best article he’s ever brought to the show, Aaron was a feature reporter on afternoon drive time, Double Dare revisited, Good Idea/Bad Idea: President The Rock, a dating app designed to slow everything down, and more! Download (91.2MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

306: The Last Cuban from Julia’s

May 22, 2017


Topics include: A brief cameo appearance and audio-thrill-ride-disguised-as-a-sandwich-story by our friend Andrew Walsh, Genevieve talks about the time Bill O’Reilly said her name on-air, Just the Headline, it’s been a few weeks but we look back at the Fyre Festival, Steve Harvey, we get a ridiculous update on a terrible person, and more! Download […]