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303: Wag the Pod

March 30, 2017


Topics include: Genevieve is back from Costa Rica and the TSA are staunchly anti-salsa, we taste #meatchips, when strangers suddenly go racist, holding the ball politically, we play “Who Said It: Bieber or Trump?”, eating Jason Segel, Taco Bell weddings, we check in on the latest Kirk Cameron Podcast, and more! Closing music: “Constant Headache” […]

302: Meet Drew Barth

February 28, 2017


Genevieve is out of town, so the mice will play! (That made sense, right?) The boys are joined by Aaron’s co-worker and your new best friend, comedian Drew Barth. Come for the comedy nerd-talk, stay for Aaron’s experiment he’s been secretly conducting around women for months. Is it as creepy as it sounds? You’ll have […]

301: Hey Nick, You’re an Ahl-star!

February 1, 2017


Topics include: Genevieve marched in Washington DC, what to do now that Trump is President, Aaron’s band opened for Aaron Carter, the latest from Kirk Cameron’s podcast, The Joker reads Trump tweets, Nick brings a game: Christian song lyric or passage from 50 Shades of Grey, and we play more Smash Mouth than is even […]

300: Listeners on the Line!

January 13, 2017


Happy 300 episodes, everybody! To celebrate, we held a live call-in spectacular, and you guys didn’t disappoint. Besides taking your live phone calls, this special episode features Listener Ryan’s White Hot Top 5, Nick dancing for everyone on the livestream video, and apparently Genevieve has lived everywhere you do. All that and much, much more […]

299: The Grapes of Christmas Past

December 25, 2016


Merry Christmas, Listener! We got you something… A Holiday Spectacular! Join Aaron, Nick, and Genevieve as we play our favorite holiday bits from years past and present: original Christmas songs, parodies, Awful Poetry, and more! Tune out your family’s nog-fueled shouting matches with the dulcet tones of Deez Grapes. Baby Jesus never had it so […]

298 – Puddle of NickelCreed II: A Puddle of NickelCrap

December 16, 2016


Topics include: The glorious return of Puddle of NickelCreed, Kirk Cameron has a podcast, Aaron had a birthday & co-hosted a radio show, Nick is showing 90s movies to his 9yr-old niece, Genevieve looks for White Elephant ideas, Australia is stilltrying to kill you, good news for candy lovers, and more! This episode features music […]

297: A Car Full of Kit Kats

December 2, 2016


Topics include: Gearing up for Trump’s America without getting depressed, a Cheeto eagle, Dr. Phil is a piece of shit, Listener emails, Nick cried at the movies, Genevieve’s post-election speech writing, we play Nick’s “Fictional Presidents” game, and then we talk all about Westworld! Closing music – “When Christmas Comes (Boxing Day Version)” by Los […]