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the Grapes of Rad #32

May 10, 2009


Topics include: Midgets Little People of America, tons of listener imported content, proper vocal technique, Awful Poetry w/ Zack, an update on Ben’s dad, Ben does the opposite of light up a room, Video Prozac, belittling Kevin Spacey, and a macabre TMU featuring, among other things, child suicide and bestiality.  LOL!! Also, we were discovered […]

the Grapes of Rad #31

May 3, 2009


Topics include: Aaron’s physical & mental health, Awful Poetry w/ Zack, swine flu, an Olympia story, VHS picks, Video Prozac, some of your beautiful voicemails, an update on Ben’s dad, “Hey, Bartender!” and TMU. We also figured out how were going to present the “How To” messages we’ve been asking for, and will at least […]

the Grapes of Rad #30

April 25, 2009


Topics include: how (or how not) to handle “the accidental boob graze,” the philosophy of humor, links galore, massages, Video Prozac, a dark-humored former iPhone app, time, TMU, a VHS pick, and “Hey, Bartender!” featuring the debut of the new theme song William requested last week. Also, we have 2 awesome voicemails in response to […]

the Grapes of Rad #29

April 18, 2009


Topics include: some stellar Listener Imported content, the stresses of starting high school, redneck barstooling, a Shelton story starring Ben’s dad, 4/20, a white trash “Hey, Bartender!” and, as always, a doofus-fueled TMU. Also, Aaron thinks that 24,958,387 people are wrong, and Ben has an amazing idea he’s tentatively calling “Public Roadway Demolition Derby.” Don’t […]

Welcome to the new home of Rad.

April 11, 2009


Zack the Awful Poet Website Jesus has completed his mission here on Earth, and to honor him on this Easter weekend, we give to you the fruits of his labor: is live & in the heez! We have a metric ton of great stuff for you to check out here: our smokin’ new Poll […]

the Grapes of Rad #28

April 11, 2009


Topics include: Britney Spears gives terrible advice, Video Prozac and Video Depression, Easter around the world, a frightening Shelton story, the new, TMU, and the much-awaited return of “Hey, Bartender!” featuring the one, the only William the Bartender. Also, Aaron’s dad doesn’t know how old he is, and Ben 1) gets harassed by really […]

Shelton BBQ!

November 30, 1980


Hello, Sheltonites and/or nosy Twitterers and/or RSS subscribers! As previously mentioned, we’ve been thinking a lot about the remote broadcast we want to do from Shelton. We have a few ideas so far and would like you’re localized input. We should make it an all-day thing.  Company picnic style.  I think a Saturday would work […]