David Bazan & Steph Drury: Part 2

Posted on December 25th , 2011 at 8:13 pm by


David Bazan & Steph Drury: Part 2

Merry Christmas, Listener!

Welcome to the second half of our discussion on faith and religion with David Bazan and Stephanie Drury!

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Topics include: Santa’s influence on Bazan’s view of God, masturbation, Stephy was in a Dr. James Dobson video in 1991, grief, Christians & therapy, WALL-E (twice!), using “Bug Me Bucks” to deal with ideological clashes at family gatherings, tits and ass, Aaron & Steph met at one of Bazan’sz Living Room Shows, underdogs and Malcolm Gladwell, abandonment and those you turn their backs on you if you stop believing their religion, Morning Loaf with The Rev. Jeff Breakfast, how being a parent changes things, and Stephanie asks “Is there anyone who hasn’t seen my clitoris?” and wants you to listen to Dongtini.

Go see David Bazan at a Living Room Show this winter. It looks like this, and is awesome.