details on today’s religion show

Posted on May 24th , 2010 at 11:09 pm by


details on today’s religion show

Join us LIVE at TONIGHT at 6:00 PST!

Tonight, we’ll be talking religion with our dear friend Stephanie. If you don’t know Steph, you can check out her hilarious/rad website, or this most recent article about how awesome she is.

But before we start some kind of holy war, there are a few things we wanted you to know:

1. This is NOT about trying to change anyone’s mind.

Remember – you don’t know, and neither do we.

The point of this show is to hear from as many of you as we can, and to talk about what each of us has experienced about spirituality/religion. DO NOT call up just to shit on organized religion; I’ve heard enough of that from every stoner/college freshman/drunk guy I’ve ever met.

One of the reasons we chose faith as a topic is that everyone has something to say about it, and we want to hear your story. Maybe you’ve been burned by your former faith, maybe you’re currently active in ministry, or maybe you grew up without any religion at all. We want to hear from you!

2. We will be streaming the recording LIVE so you can hear what everyone else has to say.

We want a discussion, so we’ll be streaming live from Studio B on our USTREAM channel at around 6:oo pm PST on Tuesday (5/25). This way, you’ll be able to hear other callers, and respond to things as they happen. You’ll also be able to type/chat with us, and we can share what you write over the air. As always, we’ll tweet when everything goes live.

3. You can be anonymous.

If you want to call in, but don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly, all you have to do is ask for protection, and I’ll make your voice sound like Darth Vader on helium when the show comes out.

4. This isn’t about just one religion.

Although Stephy is a world-renowned expert on, and Ben & I have histories with,¬†American Evangelical Christianity, this discussion is not limited to one belief system. But, people sound like jackasses when they talk about religions/cultures they aren’t a part of, so share your story because it might not get brought up unless YOU do it!

5. Don’t be a dick.

This can be a very sensitive topic for some people, so don’t be a dick to someone who may disagree with you. If that happens, we’ll make a bigger jackass out of you than you will appreciate – we promise. (ScoutMac?) We want this to be a safe place where people can share some personal things if they choose to do so.