the Grapes of Rad #17

Posted on January 24th , 2009 at 7:48 pm by


Topics include: Obama, reckless driving, “Awful Poetry with Zack,” quitting jobs after 1 day, Obama, a completely insane “Video Prozac,” an ugly rapist (is there any other kind?), Obama, “That’s Messed Up,” Obama, and Obama.

Also, Midwife Mel is kind enough to sub in for the much-missed William the Bartender this week with a spankin’ new “Ask a Midwife,” and Aaron reads a harshly worded letter from ‘Doc’ Brown to Marty McFly.

Thanks for all the posts, comments, emails, iTunes reviews, voicemails, texts, tweets, and old-fashioned kind words. The only way we know you’re listening is when you let us know, so thanks for the encouragement – all 100 of you!

Oh, and this lady wants to have sex with you, assuming you’re a 14 year old boy…
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