Guess what?

Posted on April 29th , 2010 at 11:15 am by


Guess what?

I know, we’re hilarious…

Once in a while, I get gigs writing songs for TV commercials. When that happens, a generous & handsome man in Los Angeles calls me, and have to basically drop everything I’m doing for 2 days. Now is one of those times. Unfortunately, Ben & I didn’t get the chance to record this week.

But, fret not, Listener! We didn’t want to leave you high & dry, so we thought it might be neat to play one of the first times Ben & I were on mic together.

the ben parsons podcast: 1 Turntable and 2 Microphones

Ben started the ben parsons podcast in 2008, and asked me to join him on episode 8 of his show. I of course said yes, and he, his wife Mel and I sat down in their apartment and started chatting.

He had me back the following week, and that’s what we’ve got for you today. It’s humble beginnings to be sure, but you can start to hear the genesis of what would eventually be the greatest internet program of all time: MommyCast w/ Paige and Gretche— UH… I MEAN, um… the Grapes of Rad!

So here it is: episode 9 of the ben parsons podcast from November 2008.