the Go’Rad How To series – Volume 1

Posted on May 13th , 2009 at 7:26 pm by


the Go’Rad How To series – Volume 1

Go’Rad Industries Presents: the Grapes of Rad How To series – Volume 1

Sit down & pay attention!  This filmstrip, the first in a series, is designed to provide an avenue for the knowledgeable listener to pass on his/her skills to the masses, and fortunately for all of us, ya’ll are some knowledgeable motherl**ers!

Thanks again for all the submissions.  We got more voicemails than I could use on just one special (& just because I didn’t use yours, doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome – stay cool, baby), but if you dig this, then we can do a Volume 2.  Just let us know.

Oh, and if you see Listener Chrissie, thank her for coming in yesterday & recording the narration.  She’s a great sport.