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the Grapes of Rad #25.5 Saint Patty’s Day Voicemail montage

March 25, 2009


it’s like the “extras” section on your favorite DVD menu- you don’t really need it, but you’re glad it’s there. if you are new to the show, then rest assured, this is not an actual Grapes of Rad show, but a voicemail supplement that we added midweek. enjoy listening to our drunken listener. we’ll be […]

“OOPS!” the Episode #25 Edition

March 22, 2009


“OOPS!” It seems there was a problem with the sound effects being non-existent in the latest episode. We’ve fixed the problem, and all you need to do is grab a hot, new copy if you downloaded the show before 9am Sunday. If you’re not sure which version you have, go to exactly 14 minutes (00:14:00), […]

the Grapes of Rad #25

March 22, 2009


Topics include: horrible tattoos, “Awful Poetry,” the death penalty, personal space, voicemails, a profanity-laden resume from craigslist, garbage woes, VHS picks, and of course “That’s Messed Up” (or TMU as the kids have taken to calling it). Also, Aaron lowers his TV standards & sucks at “Oregon Trail,” and Ben, against the advice of our […]

the Grapes of Rad #24

March 14, 2009


Topics include: hair in NJ, Ben’s inability to distinguish between what is fake and what is alive, kids with javelins, more Phelps, Furries, a Shelton story, some flick picks, “That’s Messed Up” and tons more… Also, William the Bartender is absent as he is William the Student during finals week, but I hear that if […]

Ben is in a music video.

March 11, 2009


i don’t remember how if i “found” Cooper Black on myspace, or if they found me, but i dig their music. that’s for sure. they were offline for a bit, but have returned, and posted a new music video for their song Bicycle Chain, which has some guest vocals (no, not by me). BUT I […]

the Grapes of Rad #23

March 7, 2009


Topics include: poor spelling, suicidal birds, going to the movies, Shelton, looney tunes fashions, “That’s Messed Up,” cheese safety, cover songs, hangovers on “Hey, Bartender!” and more. Also, Paul from “Your Boy’s Boys” sets us straight regarding NASCAR, and we ask for your opinions on a tech issue. We’re serious about that last one. We […]

the Grapes of Rad #22

February 28, 2009


Topics include: old people driving, Aaron’s job in FL, advertising ideas, “That’s Messed Up,” non-NCAA March Madness, death, Octo-porn, “Hey, Bartender!” a TON of links, and all the usual potty-talk you’ve come to expect. Also, we admit that #21 was a sub-par showing, but listener Brenden helps us redeem ourselves by winning the award for […]