Aural pleasure free of charge by Aaron Mason, Nick Ahlers & Genevieve Haas.

the Grapes of Rad #21

February 21, 2009


Topics include: drunkenness, old people fighting, wheels on the bus, Aaron’s favorite TV moments this week, “That’s Messed Up,” when chimps attack, a mnemonic voicemail device, Norwegian Black Metal, your voicemails, “Hey, Bartender!” and LOTS more. Also, listener Seth hangs out & takes a shatner in Studio B during recording, we hear from non-listener Bubba, […]

the Grapes of Rad #20

February 15, 2009


Topics include: setting yourself on fire, feline bodily functions, confusing city skylines, bananas as medicine in Shelton, more Snuggie nonsense, Indian soda made from cow urine, what the President thinks about our show, updates from Episode #19, and all the regular segments you’ve come to expect. Also, we receive a gift in the mail from […]

the Grapes of Rad #19

February 7, 2009


Topics include: rad voicemails, new vocab from 1991, Michael Phelps, the language barrier in Shelton, “Video Prozac,” this week’s Twitter poll, please stop telling us 25 Things about you, unusual mothers, “That’s Messed Up,” and a giant snake. Also, William the Bartender fields more of your questions on “Hey, Bartender!” and Aaron tell us how […]

the Grapes of Rad #18

January 31, 2009


Topics include: dumbass criminals, Shakespearean monster trucks, our Twitterers’ favorite PBS & cable access personalities, “Listener Imported” news, Coolio & Weird Al (but not that song), “Awful Poetry w/ Zack,” your voicemails, and countless other delights. Literally countless. Also, William the Bartender answers listener mail on “Hey, Bartender!” and we come with a “That’s Messed […]

the Grapes of Rad #17

January 24, 2009


Topics include: Obama, reckless driving, “Awful Poetry with Zack,” quitting jobs after 1 day, Obama, a completely insane “Video Prozac,” an ugly rapist (is there any other kind?), Obama, “That’s Messed Up,” Obama, and Obama. Also, Midwife Mel is kind enough to sub in for the much-missed William the Bartender this week with a spankin’ […]

the Grapes of Rad #16

January 17, 2009


Topics include: current events, a pile of listener imported radio, some “That’s Messed Up,” new vocab, “Video Prozac,” a Shelton story, the magnificent return of “Awful Poetry with Zack,” Aaron flipping out about TV, party planning on “Hey, Bartender!” and much, much more. Thanks for all the love, everybody! If you like what you hear, […]

the REAL death pool 2009

January 11, 2009


(click the title of this post in order to use the link at the bottom…) thanks to all the death pool ’09 participants! we’re now officially underway. we had a few problems with lost emails and people not getting in by the deadline, but this, i assure you is the ACTUAL FOR REAL FINAL DEATH […]