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The death pool is blowing up!!!

December 23, 2008


We’re receiving an assload of baracus death pool lists from the listener. Thanks so much! It looks like this is going to be a stiff competition so think it over, read the rules, and send a self addressed stamped email of your death pool picks to us at today. Let the dying begin!

the Grapes of Rad #12

December 20, 2008


Ben Parsons and Aaron Mason bring you a Christmas edition of the ben parsons podcast.  This week we share a particularly fresh and crispy version of peppermint flavored news, including holiday-style: “video prozac”, “that’s messed up”, new segment “drink of the week”and awful poetry with zack- bookended by all the usual hijinks you have come […]

Shelton BBQ!

November 30, 1980


Hello, Sheltonites and/or nosy Twitterers and/or RSS subscribers! As previously mentioned, we’ve been thinking a lot about the remote broadcast we want to do from Shelton. We have a few ideas so far and would like you’re localized input. We should make it an all-day thing.  Company picnic style.  I think a Saturday would work […]