the Grapes of Rad #18

Posted on January 31st , 2009 at 8:33 pm by


Topics include: dumbass criminals, Shakespearean monster trucks, our Twitterers’ favorite PBS & cable access personalities, “Listener Imported” news, Coolio & Weird Al (but not that song), “Awful Poetry w/ Zack,” your voicemails, and countless other delights.

Literally countless.

Also, William the Bartender answers listener mail on “Hey, Bartender!” and we come with a “That’s Messed Up” featuring the worst cookbook EVER (you’ll never listen to Harry Connick, Jr. the same way again)!

Thank you for listening & contributing. Keep calling the voicemail (646.462.4161 x03779) and saying, among other things, “That’s Messed Up!” And remember to keep checking the Facebook group for all types of goodies throughout the week.

You are all masters of Karate and Friendship for everyone.