the Grapes of Rad #12

Posted on December 20th , 2008 at 9:47 am by


Ben Parsons and Aaron Mason bring you a Christmas edition of the ben parsons podcast.  This week we share a particularly fresh and crispy version of peppermint flavored news, including holiday-style: “video prozac”, “that’s messed up”, new segment “drink of the week”and awful poetry with zack- bookended by all the usual hijinks you have come to expect from this reputable podcast.  keep your ear out for new vocab, and of course, some last minute gift ideas, as well as a new addition to the ‘cast!  It’s DEATH POOL 2009!  hear all about it right up in here (or on iTunes).

*note* i (ben) mentioned my papa (grandpa) Chuck Parsons during the death pool discussion when we recorded the show (on 12/19) as a joke that he might be famous enough to qualify, as he was a well known tour bus driver in Juneau, AK. Chuck passed away today (12/21), and i just wanted everybody to know that he was a good man, and i meant no harm by mentioning him. I love you Papa, and I’m glad you feel better now…