the Grapes of Rad #13

Posted on December 28th , 2008 at 7:18 pm by


#13 finds us in the studio with stellar year-end segments, including Bartender William’s New Year’s Drinks, Ask a Midwife with Mel, Awful Poetry with Zack, random complaining, a Shelton Story (involves both a pitbull AND meth), and of course, That’s Messed Up. Numero 13 also brings you, the listener, the first ever “listener imported segment”- it’s a how-to segment sent in by listener SepMC. The express lane traffic report in the first minute means you can get to work on time, as long as it’s December 27 at 10pm. Check out the ben parsons blog for the “name that podcast poll” and don’t forget to send in your Death Pool Picks before January 1 to either or