Shelton BBQ!

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Hello, Sheltonites and/or nosy Twitterers and/or RSS subscribers!

As previously mentioned, we’ve been thinking a lot about the remote broadcast we want to do from Shelton. We have a few ideas so far and would like you’re localized input.

We should make it an all-day thing.  Company picnic style.  I think a Saturday would work best, and we could have a bunch of games/contests to be played on-air (I have some pretty good ideas already) among the usual show hijinks.

So, here are some questions I have for you natives:

  1. Where can we do this thing?  I have Kneeland Park in my head, but assume having alcohol is a problem there.  Any booze-friendly alternatives? What about somebody’s place?*
  2. When can we do this thing? How do you feel about late June?
  3. Can you think of any Shelton-specific things we could do?  Oyster shucking contest, most white-trash outfit, who can put the most ladybugs in James’s car, ya’ know – that kind of stuff.
  4. Do you have mics/PA equipment we could use?  I’m not totally sure on the specifics of recording live with a system, but I’ll figure that out. It would just be nice to only have to haul my laptop down. Also, I don’t have a PA.

THANK YOU for not only being faithful listeners, but stand-up people as well.

Feel free to either leave comments here, DM @grapesofrad, or email  Whatever works. And please tell any non-twittering Shel-townies who you think should be in on this.


*If this ends up happening at someone’s home, we’ll keep everything outside. We’re serious about getting a Honey Bucket, among other things.

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