the Grapes of Rad #105

Posted on January 14th , 2011 at 11:55 am by


the Grapes of Rad #105

Sorry about the delay, Listener. Apparently, if you replace a credit card and forget to tell people who’s bandwidth you use they – get this – stop letting you use their service. I KNOW, right?! Anyway, we’re all square & the gas is back on, so BRACE THINESELF!

Topics include: This Week in Jay-Z Needs to Calm Down, the Masons went to a Seahawks game, Ben vs Oprah vs The Marx Brothers, grocery store pants, The Olive Garden, your awesome voicemails, Ben hurt himself at work, It’s Science: Psychology Edition, Raoul talks to Jesus, You’re Doing it RIGHT, the end of the world (this time – no, seriously), Listener Imported Funeral-themed Marketing Ideas, Firefly, how to make the best mashed potatoes, The Andy Rooney Game, censoring Mark Twain, an Australian Badass, and TMU.

Also, we forgot about The Death Pool since only, like 3 people died this year, but we will be awarding a winner next show AS WELL AS crowning our 2010 Fantasy Football champion!

If you want to play, check out last year’s rules (they’re the same this year) and get your 13 names in before Groundhog Day, February 2, 2011.

Life at the Watering Hol- I mean…¬†Olive Garden

Shooting Your Killer

So, we’re looking for someone to run The Death Pool this year, so if you know how to do internety things & have some free time in early February, email “ben” or “aaron” In exchange, we can give you a sweet nickname. If you’ve always wanted to be called something, but have no way of getting it off the ground (since giving yourself a nickname is the lamest thing ever), tell us on the sly, & we can totally act like we thought of it!

REMEMBER, January’s schedule is crazy. Aaron goes on vacation this Tuesday, and Ep106 won’t be recorded until he gets back in a few weeks.