the Grapes of Rad #108

Posted on February 17th , 2011 at 12:08 am by


the Grapes of Rad #108

This is a special show, Listener. We’ve been given a CD of rejected demos sent in to Christian record label Word Records. Our anonymous source (it’s not Stephy) may or may not have been handed the disc by an engineer at the label with instructions not to share with anyone.

I’m sure we’ll be forgiven…

Other topics include: Aaron & his wife finally watched Twilight (with help from Rifftrax) and he needs you fans to explain this shit to him, RIP Sally the Crab, ghettoblasters, dick pills, your voicemails, the Digital Divide, hunting in Montana with an atlatl, Rural Tips, Ugly Americans, Velociraptors are running around Australia, Best of Craigslist, and TMU.

Video Prozac: Remi Kart 2!


And here’s the first one if you missed it.

The banner pic is about this.