the Grapes of Rad #111

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the Grapes of Rad #111

Topics include: chiropractors, Aaron’s coke pinky, illness at the Parsons, Matt Damon, fate, your voicemails, drunken cabbing, Aaron & Sean DeTore won at Seinfeld trivia, last-minute USTREAM webchats, snot water, an out-of-control Practically Useful, the people who think the world is ending on May 21 are back in the news, Email from Listener Han, What other cartoons should Aaron be watching?, This Week in Fake News, It’s Science, Aaron bought a new bed, Charlie Sheen, This Week in Aaron Will Totally Love This, Daft Punk Karaoke, Texts from an Anonymous Healthcare Worker, and TMU.

Daft Punk Karaoke

Click here for your soundboard, and press play on the video below when you’re ready to rock!


It’s Science!

And be sure to watch the video!

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep


Aaron in Lady in the Water

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