the Grapes of Rad #114

Posted on March 30th , 2011 at 9:52 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #114

The Grapes of Rad: “Anything to Increase the Life-Expectancy of Socks”

Topics include: we informally announce the next Go’Rad event (!!!!), Sean DeTore shows up to hang out right on cue, Ben went shopping at Costco, a Super Old Man Product Suggestion, Aaron had a suite for the Sounders, a presentation at Ben’s daughter’s school, Listener Lorenzo asks us 2 questions via Prof. Stephen Hawking, This Week in the Wrong Stones, The Duggar Family , the greatest film character of our time, Video Prozac, Just the Headline, Badass of the Week, Austrailia is Earth’s Florida, and TMU featuring Sean’s participation in a dick study and Steven Seagal in a goddamn tank.

Near-Perfect Reflection


Costco Kitty

The 125 lb Three-year-old Kinda Looks Like a Pokemon

It’s a long one this week (that’s what she said), since last week’s show ended so prematurely (unfortunately also what she said). Good luck!

Fun Fact: Aaron sang the Mr. Belvedere theme on the spot, without music, & nailed the pitch exactly.