the Grapes of Rad #115

Posted on April 7th , 2011 at 11:27 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #115

Topics include: Our Judgement Day party on May 21st, Ben has vocal trouble after screaming all day yesterday, Tennis Pro are back in Japan this week, Aaron & Sean DeTore went wine tasting last weekend, dodgeball, contact lenses, the urge to procreate, your voicemails, huge companies aren’t paying taxes,  Charlie Sheen’s Detroit show, Fatass of the Week, Badass of the Week: Couple Edition, Reaper, Just the Headline, Video Prozac, George Takei, Audio Hijack, Texts From an Anonymous Healthcare Worker, failures of cognitive development in today’s society, and TMU featuring the debut of Hogfarm & Cornfield.

Video Prozac

I couldn’t figure out the embedding, so if you want to see the 1911 version, CLICK HERE.

Next week’s show is going to released a few days later than normal so we could talk to our next guest: the incredibly busy Mr. Luke Burbank. After seeing on Facebook how many of you heard about us via TBTL, we thought we should hang out again!

Stay tuned.