the Grapes of Rad #117

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the Grapes of Rad #117

The Grapes of Rad: “[VERB]ing the [NOUN]”

Topics include: Duckface, are Blue Balls for real?, Mighty-O Donuts is really a fight club, Ben’s awkward dinner, being a smaller culture in a larger culture, how Fred Durst should use Twitter, our first cars, Aaron’s top local guest wish list, our new poll, the  Idiot Came First argument, Ben explains different styles of Islamic dress, Gay Listener = “Glistener,” This Week in No Shit,  This Week in People with Disabilities Making Me Look Bad, Texts from an Anonymous Healthcare Worker, Vocab: Turdcorn, podcasting, cigarettes, VHS Picks, Bill Burr, one-armed knives, and TMU.

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The Wrong Statue of Liberty was Printed on 1 Billion New Stamps