the Grapes of Rad #120: Aaron Roden

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the Grapes of Rad #120: Aaron Roden

This week we welcome of fellow NoizBro Aaron Roden. He’s the host of Air-Raid, a brand new dad, and the “Kick Ass” of dog turds. Explanation inside.

Topics include: Ben’s ideas for hand modeling, Aaron R’s 2-week-old daughter Tatum, hypnotism, painters, Practically Useful, This Week in THIS WEEK ONLY!, prostitutes in Seattle, your voicemails,¬†Flight of the Navigator, Aaron thinks Doc from¬†Back to the Future is kind of an asshole, antiquing, That’s Messed Up and more!

FACT: The Macho Man Prevented the Rapture

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The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia


“Good news, everyone!”

We’ve just learned that Aaron Roden’s daughter Tatum Olivia will be able to come home from the hospital on Monday!