The Grapes of Rad #127

Posted on July 17th , 2011 at 9:19 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #127

Topics include: The Majestic Return of Awful Poetry with Zack the Awful Poet, Ben and Aaron have both been feeling a little down lately, Netflix, camping, religion, the good and bad of Christianity, how Aaron is using both Mr. Rogers and imaginary black & white bunnies to become a better person, printers, Listeners captioning our picture on our Facebook page, an mp3’d story from Listener Rachel,, a new segment called “America‚Ķ?!” Vocab, is humanity getting too big for its britches, and TMU.

This week’s closing song is “Northwest” by Listeners Patrick & Renn’s band Crowd War, and it will make you do this: \m/ (>.<) \m/

You’re Doing it Wrong: World’s Worst Driver


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