The Grapes of Rad #128

Posted on July 29th , 2011 at 12:04 am by


The Grapes of Rad #128

Topics include: Ben popped corn by putting kernels between 3 cell phones, It’s the summer of nostalgia and we’re takin’ ‘er easy, black dogs, Ben was on The Mixtape and re-enacted sharing Jesus with someone, Skyline, the Masons are getting Direct TV, security at Comic-Con, Dongtini, students who gave up tech for 24 hrs, Mighty-O Donuts, You’re Doing it Wrong: Australian wine, Listeners in the South, bacon by the pound, Just the Headline, Badass of the Week, Boozer Cruisers,, the sanctity of marriage, and TMU.

Video Prozac: Amon Tobin ISAM

Come with us to see him at the Paramount in Seattle!

Badasses Make Their Own Elevators

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