The Grapes of Rad #131

Posted on August 11th , 2011 at 1:10 am by


The Grapes of Rad #131

[photo © Dave Vann]

Topics include: Aaron camped at The Gorge to see 2 days of Phish, did a Listener’s parents hit on Ben swinger-style? He doesn’t know, but he’s sure he’ll upset them by talking about it, The Texas Center for Justice in Media is upset with us, caulk, delicious Mighty-O Donuts, Ben’s 97 yr-old grandmother is probably a robot, SLACKCiRCUS, our new 2-show/week schedule, everybody flipped out on Aaron for not seeing Point Break, we need a tiny Grapes blimp, Just the Headline, TMU, and a half hour of some pretty deep shit.

Listener Lorenzo is bring the two Boozer Cruisers he custom made for us in Portland, and we’re having an outing in celebration!

Come bring something with wheels (bike, skates, Heelys, whatevs) to Green Lake THIS SATURDAY at 2:00. We’re gonna hang out in the sunshine for a few hours, do some drinking, and take a few spins around the lake (for those who want to). Get all the info and RSVP HERE!!

Video Prozac: Fabulous Secret Powers


DOODZ, it’s Fantasy Football time!! Drop $10 in the Tip Jar on the right, and you’ll secure your spot (there’s a 20 person max). Just make a note that it’s for Fantasy Football. The deadline is August 28th!!