The Grapes of Rad #135

Posted on August 27th , 2011 at 7:42 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #135

Topics include: Ben is a master impressionist, Aaron is sore from bowling, accidentally getting your penis cut off during surgery, Headline I Didn’t Expect, actors are bad at looking like they’re playing video games, the best roommate ever is looking for a place to stay on craigslist, Texts from an Anonymous Healthcare Worker, curing cancer, Cyndi Lauper is kinda like Tammy Faye, the US Army is considering building a base for Terminator robots, when politics go Amish, and That’s Messed Up.

What other show is sponsored by beer and donuts? Exactly. If you like us, check out the people who are cool enough to give us free shit: American Brewing Company and Mighty-O Donuts.

Glistener Philip is undefeated by his disability.

Dub Step Guns

Electric Wheelchair Mayhem