The Grapes of Rad #156

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The Grapes of Rad #156

Topics Include: The “banana burka”, Aaron’s journal, paper-powered “it’s science”, holding farts in, a lot of you are crazy, it’s not about the Benjamins, “I’m not gonna put my mouth on that”, Aaron was on The Mixtape and Planned Brotherhood this week, and he’ll be on Maguffin this week, a ghetto hands-free solution, a Merry Mason Xmas, subtitles, a new product idea, turning the key on three, bonus episodes(?), a star-buying fantasy victory, get your hands off my wife’s yoga pants- they are the gateway to freedom, using gary coleman’s corpse as a cannonball, oven mitts: the lady condom for vegetable dildos, and our VHS pick:  Blazing Saddles.

Ben’s Phone-y Disguise

Bubba’s T-shirt