The Grapes of Rad #170: Tristan Devin

Posted on March 19th , 2012 at 8:34 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #170: Tristan Devin

Tristan Devin is a comedian, writer, podcast host, director of a community arts non-profit, former Christian youth leader, coffee shop manager, booker of the best comedy in Seattle, and a lot of fun to have in Studio B!

Topics include: A major announcement, Ben’s friends are awesome, Aaron’s writing a new voicemail song, audio of Ben’s farting chair, de-stressing whales, occupying former meth houses, Tristan’s Christian past, garage bands, bombing on stage, Practically Useful: Stolen Laptop Edition, Seattle Community Forum, the educated “like,” Bathtub, Seinfeld, locking keys in your car, Silver Spoons and more!

Tristan performing at Laff Hole

Come see a Laff Hole show at Chop Suey! The amazing Eddie Pepitone is going to be there THIS WEDNESDAY!

This week’s closing song is “Dennis Miller Movie” by Aaron’s high school band Bad Juju. Yes, he and Dave (the guitar player) were very high when they recorded this improvised tune.
Recorded 3/17/12