The Grapes of Rad #179

Posted on May 21st , 2012 at 2:40 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #179

Come to our “Secret” Movie Night next Thursday, May 31st! Only $5, and everybody gets free stuff!! Grand Illusion Cinema is CASH ONLY, so buy your tickets online. When you do, you’re automatically entered in our prize giveaway!

Topics include: THE RETURN (again) OF AWFUL POETRY WITH ZACK THE AWFUL POET, slugs, Aaron was on The MacGuffin again & Ben didn’t listen again, Practically Useful: Killing Fruit Flies Edition, Karl Pilkington, Ben is gross, PSAs in line at the grocery store, holograms, “this made me think of you,” SKIP the Headline, That’s Messed Up, and more!

Netflix Pick: “Monsters”


Are All Men Pedophiles?

Closing music: “Losers” by The Belle Brigade