The Grapes of Rad #185

Posted on July 8th , 2012 at 4:04 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #185

Our live show is only 10 days away! Tickets are $10 in advance, but more at the door, so GET THEM NOW!

This week, we’re joined by our friend, twitter champ, and former host of Planned Brotherhood Nick Ahlers!

Topics include:F#%K IT! We’ll Do It Live!,” Nick finally quit smoking, Ben is unfamiliar with TV theme songs, last weekend’s drunken podcast fest, we love our stupid #moviebands and #bandbands hashtags, Ben narrowly avoided a massive awkward moment at the park, the first time each of us saw a boob, a Twitter-themed Vocab, Seattle’s new ferris wheel, a Shelton Story, This Week in Awesome Driving, talking to girls on the phone, amusement park rides, and of course – That’s Messed Up!

‘Ell No

Here’s the article with 2 more videos.

Dudes writing tribute to us on their naked bodies.

Yes. This is a wiener.

Thanks a ton, GUYS…