The Grapes of Rad #187

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The Grapes of Rad #187

Topics include: You should come to Secret Movie Night II! Aaron converts to North Korea’s religion of “The Shining Supreme Commander”, Pakistan- it’s time to shave those mustaches, if you have cancer perhaps a kick to the face is in order, upload a pic of you wearing our new merch!, the Mormons wrote back, This Week in Snoop Lion, Bubba’s Face, Aaron is going to the Shambhala Electronic Music Festival, using “bro”, Ben went to California, people no longer know how to use a sledgehammer, Bored of the Rings, a new YouTube series idea, This Week’s Mass Murder by a White American Male!, This Week in Awesome Driving, and That’s Messed Up.

Kate Moss:

Recorded Aug. 5, 2012
Outro “Johnny Too Beef” by Mos Dub