The Grapes of Rad #188: Shambhala!

Posted on August 30th , 2012 at 11:52 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #188: Shambhala!

Joins us as Aaron spends the majority of the show regaling Ben and our pal Sean DeTore with tales from his week at the Shambhala Music Festival!

We didn’t have enough time to cover everything, but please check out Shambhala’s website to see all that they’ve done/are doing for their local community, awards they’ve won, and more!

Topics include: Ben vs. the garage door, partying with 10,000 friends, Gay Ghost, finding Jesus at the river, PK Sound, an update regarding video from our Live Show, the magical hippy couple, This Week in Aaron will Totally Love This, Sean & Ben are 35, It’s Science!, the best drinking game in the world, and That’s Messed Up.

“The Shambhala Experience”

This video and more are available on jeffrexsave’s Youtube page.

It’s Science: Photography faster than the speed of light.


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Closing music this week is Don’t Let Me Down 2012 by Gramatik