the Grapes of Rad #19

Posted on February 7th , 2009 at 4:37 pm by


Topics include: rad voicemails, new vocab from 1991, Michael Phelps, the language barrier in Shelton, “Video Prozac,” this week’s Twitter poll, please stop telling us 25 Things about you, unusual mothers, “That’s Messed Up,” and a giant snake.

Also, William the Bartender fields more of your questions on “Hey, Bartender!” and Aaron tell us how he accidentally told his dad about the show.

Regarding voicemails: you guys are baracus! On the show we mention getting about 10 last week, but we discovered this afternoon that the number was more like 25!

Keep it up & thanks a ton!

Oh, and watch out for Batman (I think he’s a little upset).