The Grapes of Rad #196

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The Grapes of Rad #196

Topics include: The return of Ask A Midwife!, (email Mel the Midwife at, a question about the deaf, can we sit with you?, we talk about pubes for a half an hour, Gold Bond Medicated Powder, @chuckgrassley #pantsburnlegwound, about not caring, Radioactive, The Bailey Hounds, Secret Movie Night, frites, the Trailer Park Boys, Dexter, abortion, it’s science, This Week in Uncategorized, a voicemail from Listener Jersey Ry, do they “real tweet”? and TMU.

Get Your Shambhala Tickets!

Hidden Camera in Mormon Temple:


Recorded on October 27, 2012 Outro: “Hammer” by Bob Marley