The Grapes of Rad #197

Posted on November 10th , 2012 at 7:59 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #197

Topics include: no more political ads!, we could never run for office, working with Spanish-speakers on construction sites, a New Product Idea, Donald Trump is still being a dick, SAVE THE OIL COMPANIES, This Week in “No Shit,” Nick has a very specific type of lady, 90s fashions, Australia is Earth’s Florida, boobs, Nick’s shaggy charm, super realistic body paint art, Just the Headline, Ben breaks up with Jesus, pot & marriage equality are on the ballot in WA, candy, and That’s Messed Up.

This is a pencil drawing, NOT a photograph.

Get behind the scenes shots (and a bigger image) HERE.

The Best Dad Halloween Costume Ever.

The closing music is ill.Gates & Beats Antique – Alleyway (ill.GATES Remix).