The Grapes of Rad #202: Planned Brotherhood

Posted on December 22nd , 2012 at 10:54 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #202: Planned Brotherhood

Join Aaron “No Shoulders” Mason, PJ “Two Cokes” Ahlers, Nick “Hasidic Chia Pet” Ahlers, and Ben “Ben Parsons” Parsons as they celebrate the holiday season!

Topics include: Aaron & Gay Ghost sing a holiday duet, PJ’s in town for the David Bazan show, PJ & Nick’s retarded sister, kids aren’t good at stuff, Peej is back in school, New Product Idea, Aaron’s “French model rocket-scientist” chicken, Ghost Writer vs. Ghost Rider, the Ahlers’ childhood tales, movie talk, Nick got D-RUNK and fell down, Foreigner went to Iceland, and TMU!

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Happy Holidays, you guys! Have a wonderful rest of 2012, and thank you for making our year so much fun!

Jennifer Connelly in “Career Opportunities”

Closing music: “O Holy Night” by Matt Mulholland