The Grapes of Rad #204: The Grapes & Rod!

Posted on January 18th , 2013 at 11:45 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #204: The Grapes & Rod!

Topics include: Ben’s big belch, pork as profanity, KIRO Radio is now hosting our show, inappropriate media, check out my dick, swearing on the radio, the largest thing in the universe, “The Lullodex,” an email from Ben’s grandma, aging, thoughts and reality, the legitimacy of Nick’s fear of boars, narwhals, Hit by a bus? First stop: Starbucks!, Aaron & Ben saw The Hobbit, approximate rhyming, and TMU.

Check out Nick, and Aaron (as Steve Spielberg) on a special “Best of 2012” episode of The MacGuffin Film Podcast!

Here are those items we’re trying to buy. Your tip jar and shirt-buying monies will go toward the following:

A mixer ($290)
A few microphones ($350 each)
Things to hold the mics ($100 each)
A few pairs of headphones ($25 each)
Various cords/cables

Glistener Philip’s latest masterwork: “Can You Kick Me in the Crotch?”


Closing music: “Fields of Dick” by My Dick