The Grapes of Rad #205

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The Grapes of Rad #205

Topics Include:

Easily the worst intro in the history of the show, Aaron plays with our new gear, go to DAVIDBAZAN.COM for European tour dates!, my name is _______, follow @GrapesandRod on twitter, bad donuts, a bad tattoo, and bad TV, Rick Champagne!, Jesus invented Courvoisier, it’s tricky, Ground Zero in the war on pubic lice, Hey! Wayne!, that’s not Batman, talking to your 17 year old self, “nothing is a big deal”, birds make music, we don’t understand the FCC rules, and That’s Messed Up. And Rick Champagne.

Listener Kate sent us “X-Manuel”
























Recorded on 1/20/2013 Outro: “Everything Sucks” by Reel Big Fish