the Grapes of Rad #21

Posted on February 21st , 2009 at 4:50 am by


Topics include: drunkenness, old people fighting, wheels on the bus, Aaron’s favorite TV moments this week, “That’s Messed Up,” when chimps attack, a mnemonic voicemail device, Norwegian Black Metal, your voicemails, “Hey, Bartender!” and LOTS more.

Also, listener Seth hangs out & takes a shatner in Studio B during recording, we hear from non-listener Bubba, who, as you may or may not have heard, is “the shizz,” and we discover who registered a star under the show’s name! [Hint: It’s listener Sean.]

We are having our 1st OSCARS Twitcast tomorrow, Sun 2/22, at 5pm PST. Tweet with us, and make this annual bore-fest not only tolerable, but hilarious!

If you’re not hip to Twitter, it takes virtually no effort (if that’s how you want to roll), and the rewards can be great, both comically and in a real-life, meaningful way.