the Grapes of Rad #22

Posted on February 28th , 2009 at 5:46 pm by


Topics include: old people driving, Aaron’s job in FL, advertising ideas, “That’s Messed Up,” non-NCAA March Madness, death, Octo-porn, “Hey, Bartender!” a TON of links, and all the usual potty-talk you’ve come to expect.

Also, we admit that #21 was a sub-par showing, but listener Brenden helps us redeem ourselves by winning the award for most listener contributions used in a single episode. We’ve got a lot of linkage this week, so be sure to head over to for all the goods.

Please feel free to write “the Grapes of Rad” on stuff as you go about your week, and then add your pics to the Facebook group like listener Phil did!

And, hey, if you’ve never called the voicemail, now would be a great time! Just dial 646-462-4161 and enter 03779 when the computer guy asks you to. If you can’t think of anything to tell us, just say “That’s Messed Up,” and hang up – IT’S THAT EASY!