The Grapes of Rad #224: Digitus Impudicus

Posted on September 12th , 2013 at 11:16 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #224: Digitus Impudicus

Come see Aaron’s band play their first show THIS FRIDAY at The White Rabbit in Fremont (across from the Lenin statue)! Only $6!

Topics include: Aaron is back from Florida, Nick & his brother played BeerioKart, Gay Ghost stops by, Ben & Aaron play songs from their bands from 15 years ago, Cantonese is the German of Asia, we guess people’s ages, You’re Doing it Wrong, trapped in Australia, Miracle or Zimbabwe?, “literally” literally doesn’t mean “literally,” Drugs, Love, & Dance Music, Nick’s Skype scammer, Ben wants you to seethis link, and TMU!

Closing music: “Dennis Miller Movie” by Bad JuJu