The Grapes of Rad #227: Puddle of Nickelcreed

Posted on October 27th , 2013 at 3:00 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #227: Puddle of Nickelcreed

But first, a quick programming note. This is the first show that follows our new format! If you missed last week’s episode, or want more info, this letter explains everything.

Topics include: Listener-submitted Erotic Grapes fan-fiction, awesome driving, flatulence (we know, we know…), poker for the blind, Miracle or Somolia?, a voicemail from Listener Shanna, @patsajak, Japanese people aren’t having sex, The Bishop of Bling, “Puddle of Nickelcreed”, Gay Ghost pops in, and TMU.

Listen to Aaron on Monday nights at 8:30PST on The Andrew Walsh Show on 97.3 FM if you’re in Seattle, or at if you’re not!

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